Wordpress, Joomla, Custom CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) enables you to log in to the back end of your website and make content (copy) and image changes to your website at any time. Our CMS solution is ideal for clients who feel that they would like on-demand control over their website. Our customized CMS solutions are easy to use and follow the same functionality as a standard Microsoft Word Document Processor. Although there is an initial set-up fee required to include a Content Management System for your website, you are able to save in the long term as you will not require the services of a website developer to make content and image changes.

• Custom or Open Source (Wordpress/ Joomla)
• Very easy to use
• Word style interface
• Add, edit and delete web pages
• Add, edit and delete images
• Updates are realtime
• Keep your content fresh
• Search Engine friendly code
• Database driven