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Mobisite Design Services

With the explosive advancements in mobile technology, mobile marketing has become a very important marketing tool in the modern digital marketing strategy. Ever since the advent of PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants), and now Android Phones, BlackBerrys, Apple iPhones, Tablets and other SmartPhones, many of us carry these devices with us everywhere which has prompted us to readily utilize mobile technology in order to search for products and services.

Throughout South Africa and the rest of the African continent, cellular technologies are being swiftly implemented as a key medium in which remote areas are able to communicate with each other and access the internet.

We're able to offer clients cutting edge mobile marketing solutions that will enable you to capture the attention of your market and entrench a personalized, positive association with your brand and generate measurable tangible results. We are always at the leading edge of technology and are able to offer mobile website design (mobi sites), responsive website design, SMS messaging and even mobile email marketing campaigns.

Mobi Web Design

Mobile web design requires a special understanding of how to deliver an impactful, easy to read yet enticing message on one small screen that encourages interest and action. Our web designers and developers are able to deliver striking, modern designs that capture your audience and help turn visitors into customers. Mobile websites should be functional, easy to use and designed specifically to maintain the integrity of your brand i.e. mirror the look and feel of your desktop website, as well as encourage visitor activity.

Take a look at some examples of mobi sites and responsive mobile website designs (view them on your cellphone to see for yourself):