Graphic Design & Print

Although marketing is increasingly moving in the digital direction, traditional marketing, which encompasses the basic development of a brand as well as printed marketing materials, remains an important, foundational part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. The Formula is able to assist clients to develop an appropriate and memorable brand and we have the expertise to design & develop virtually any printed material our client may require.

Some examples of our print DTP and graphic design services include the following:-

• Corporate ID/ Logo Deign
• Letterheads
• Business Cards
• Brochures
• Flyers
• Catalogues
• Banners
• Display Boards
• Billboards
• Direct Mail Packs
• Print Advertisements
(magazines and newspapers)
• Portfolio’s

Some examples of our electronic graphic design services include:-

• Email Stationary
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Web Banner Ads
• Digital Brochures

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